A little bit of our history


In 2003, a series of consultations were held in the Cuisle Centre in Roscommon. These consultations brought together individuals and groups involved in Evangelisation from all across Ireland. They were times of listening, prayer and encouragement

In a short time it was recognised how much the groups enjoyed being together and encouraging each other. It was realised that all the groups felt the value of networking together and meeting on a regular basis.

A process began, to explore setting up a true leaders network focussed on the New Evangelisation. The Tine Network was born out of this process, with the Tine, coming form the Irish for blaze or fire, taking the scripture from Luke 12:49 "

“I came to cast fire upon the earth; and would that it were already kindled!

 A number of National conferences followed with speakers such as Bruce Clewett, Sherry Weddell, Paco Gavrilides and most recent with Fr James Mallon, Bishop Philip Egan and Paul Donders. In 2009, the Network facilitated a city wide mission in the City of Galway, with the support of Bishop Drennan. In 2014, Tine co-hosted a European conference in Dublin, with keynote speakers, Nicky Gumbel and Lynne Green.

 The network continues to meet on a regular basis, through the year, offering training and communication of new approaches to evangeisation.