Our mission and values

tine group


 We are a network of Catholic leaders.  Our mission is to promote Catholic evangelisation in Ireland by offering training, education and envisioning to leaders in dioceses, parishes, communities and ministries, and to organise and develop creative initiatives in evangelisation.


 We are rooted at the heart of the Catholic Church, seeking to serve and support her in the New Evangelisation.  “The task which awaits you – new evangelisation – demands that you present, with fresh enthusiasm and new methods, the eternal and unchanging content of the heritage of our Christian faith.  As well you know, it is not a matter of merely passing on a doctrine, but rather of a personal and profound meeting with the Saviour.”  John Paul II, Jan 1991.

We see the urgency of the proclamation of the Kerygma, the first announcement of God’s love, the sinfulness of man, Jesus as saviour, the need for faith and conversion and the role of the Holy Spirit in drawing all people into an experience of Christian community. The Eucharist as the “centre and summit of the church’s life” plays a vital role in evangelisation. We understand that the formation of a personal and intimate relationship with God opens the door to a personal faith development; for example the vital areas of catechetical, liturgical and social evangelisation.

 We acknowledge the central role of the Holy Spirit in the New Evangelisation.  We seek to follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit and use the gifts that He brings to the full.  We recognise the primacy of prayer in our decision-making and development processes.

 We have a passion to see the unity that Jesus called for in John 17:21, “that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you.  May they also be in us so that the world may believe that you have sent me.”  We recognise that this network is made up of people with diverse ministries, charisms and spiritualities.  For unity to exist among us we commit ourselves to the Gospel values of mutual respect, openness, acceptance and forgiveness.  Our desire is that the unity among us would witness as a visible sign of Christ’s presence in the world. 

We recognise that the call to unity extends to all Christians.  We see that dialogue and co-operation are essential today for greater credibility in evangelisation.  Practically, we recognise the mutual benefits of sharing resources with Christians from different traditions.  “We wish to emphasise the sign of unity among all Christians as the way and instrument of evangelisation.”  Evangeli Nuntiandi (77)

 We fully embrace the principles of the lay apostolate outlined by the Second Vatican Council and Post-Concilliar documents.  We affirm that God has called the laity into leadership in Christian ministry.  We believe that evangelisation is best served when the laity, religious and clergy collaborate in ministry.

 Recognising the infinite creativity of our God, we value open, prophetic and innovative approaches to evangelisation.  In light of the enormous cultural shifts happening all around us, we need to be adventurous and creative in our methodology.